Saturday, July 21, 2007

summertime....and the livin' is easy...

Seems that the dog days of summer are here! The weather continues to be warm and steamy, and town is getting a bit sleepy.

This week was a little more active than last week though, and Paul was up to the task of selling Hotslings! We had a few repeat customers coming in, one wanted a sling for their husband, another purchased 2 as gifts for new moms.

Today we had a walk-by customer who was thrilled to be able to come in and try on the Hotslings, and last weekend we had friends of the family come in to do the same. Since this was one of the main goals of the shop, I'm thrilled when people are able to try on the carriers and find one that fits and works for their needs.

I'm still working on getting the cloth diaper situation ironed out...originally I purchased a fairly broad range of types and brands, but stuck with the smaller sizes. It seems that people who come to the store looking for diapers often have bigger (older than 1 year old) babies who are already wearing cloth diapers, so I've been working on updating our selection. I also need to put together some diaper "starter kits," but it is hard to find the time!

Popular this summer: the swim diaper!

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