Thursday, October 25, 2007

Holistic Moms Conference

The last couple weeks have been big conference weeks for us. A week ago Sunday we went up to North Jersey (Mahwah, the tippy top of NJ) and exhibited at the Holistic Moms Conference. We met a lot of wonderful mamas! This was our first conference, and we learned a lot (like, wear a winter coat, it was 40 degrees in the room when we first arrived!). There were a few other folks there who carried similar stuff to us, but none of them had bricks-and-mortar shops, they were all online vendors.

Here's a picture of our table:

We've already had a customer come in who saw us at the conference, and we hope more will follow!


Isabel Aven said...

that looks like an AWESOME conference. and your table looks awesome too!!

delilah said...

Wow! Those BH's are so gorgeous! Your visual marketing is spectacular!