Monday, June 4, 2007

The store is open for business!

Welcome to the Little Willow blog! Stop by here to check out what is happening with our new shop.

We recently decided to open a store in Red Bank, NJ selling organic and natural baby clothes, soft baby carriers, cloth diapers, and natural toys, gifts and accessories.

We looked for months for space to rent in Red Bank, and finally found a space right next to the big toy store in town.

Here is our story!

The beginning...

The end of April - The previous tenants are moving out

May 11th - Signed the lease today - the landlords did a great job painting and cleaning, we were thrilled! (a previous space we almost rented was a disaster, so we were very happy this space was in move-in condition)

May 19th - Back from our trip to Ikea to buy fixtures! Note the sleeping baby in the upper right corner...who knew babies prefer to fall asleep with drilling and hammering in the background...

This is what the shop looked like at 8:15am Friday morning, the day we are planning to open!

And success! We got the store in pretty decent shape by the end of the weekend :)

The happy and exhausted new store owners

Chief Marketing Executive (hat by Baby Soy! :)

The outside of the store (permanent signage coming soon!)

So we were up and running this past weekend as planned. We're glad we were able to get the store open for the big Jazz and Blues fest that brings over 200,000 people to Red Bank (that's why we rushed to get the store open so quickly). Now we have to keep doing more stuff even though it feels like we should be all done and should have some time to relax! Ah, the life of the entrepreneur :)


Hillary said...

Congrats! The store looks great. :)

Isabel Aven said...

OH IT LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL! i wish i could drop in and do some shopping! is the online site up and running yet? congrats and job well done, it really does look fantastic!

JenMidwife said...

okay, this sounds lame, but I'm SO PROUD of you & your dh Kristin! I'm just so amazed that you made it happen... & so quickly!!! WOW!!!

Way to go!!! I wish you every success. HUGS mama!

JenMidwife said...

hey Kris, you should put the store addy & phone # on this blog too (imho)

Gregg, Mandi, Lucie, Griffin said...

let us know when the online store opens!
You have done a fantastic job :)

web shopper said...

Wow that looks great! At first glance I thought the carriers behind the till were MTs but they aren't. What are they - they look cool!

kristin said...

they are MTs now, new photo coming soon...

the ones from the first pic - top row are hotslings (folded over) and the bottom row are a carrier called the Belle Baby Carrier - kindof like a Bjorn but nice fabric and super soft inside


Miranda said...

Congrats Kristin and Paul! :)

I did not even know you guys had opened a store until Ben sent me the URL today! :)

Dorothy H. said...

I will stop by and visit your store soon! It looks fantastic!