Saturday, June 16, 2007

Made it through another week!

So, week two is over, and things are going well. We've had a couple of customers each day, some buying a quick gift for a new baby, and some staying for an hour trying on various carriers and seeing how they fit. I really enjoy working with the mamas and dads who come in to see the baby carriers. It was really my dream to offer a place where people could try the carriers on, and so far, that idea seems to be working.

It seems that most of our customers have found us online. Some have found us through posts on the or forums (thanks JenMidwife!), and a few have found us through the Hotslings website (yay!).

So, our photo for today is cuddly cute...not one of our typical customers, but perhaps there's a new market we could consider?

This is Apollo! He is 3 months old and around 3 lbs (he'll max out at 6 lbs). He went home today in a ZoloWear Solarveil ring sling, but his mom said she might be back to get the sling in the photo when the weather cools down...

That's it for priorities this week is to get the web store started and to get some signage!


JenMidwife said...

Yea Kris!!!

So the dog's mom bought the sling specifically for her dog? Wow! I can't imagine a dog being mellow enough to chill in a sling! :o)

Sarah said...

Hi Kristin,

I was in last Sunday trying on Hotslings and asking about cloth dipes with my 4 month old son and my cousin. Thanks for clearing up my many questions about cloth diapering.

Sorry I wasn't able to stop in this past Sunday as I said I would... I had almost forgotten it would be my hubby's first Father's Day!

I'm glad you got some new items in and I am looking forward to coming back to the store and bringing my sister.